Did someone say Paleo?


Location – Royal Leamington Spa
First visited – October 2014
Type of establishment – Restaurant
Serving – Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Price – £££
Level of Paleo – Primarily Paleo

The clue is pretty much in the name. Opened last year, this restaurant in the delightful town of Royal Leamington Spa is probably one of the best places I have eaten in terms of the variety of choices for a grain free diet. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, using only paleo friendly cooking oils, they offer a full range of options to suit a quick bite to a 3 course meal. They do have non-paleo options on the menu for those who don’t eat grain-free, but they have kindly altered their menu to highlight in italics those ingredients which aren’t paleo friendly.
The burger is particularly good, although the paleo bun isn’t really worth it for the convention, but their menu now offers the choice of a lettuce wrapped burger too, so you can still eat your burger the traditional way. You can eat the delicious sweet potato fries (quite often found on menus nowadays) safe in the knowledge they aren’t deep fried in a seed oil, and it’s nice to find BBQ chicken wings not coated in sugar-laden marinade.

The desserts aren’t brilliant, simply due to the nature of Paleo desserts, but the choice is there if you’re eating with others and don’t want to feel left out if they’re having one. If you do indulge, go for the hazelnut tart. It won’t leave you feeling like you shouldn’t have.

Booking is essential at weekends for dinner.


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