Feed Your Inner Caveman

Feed Me Primal

Location – London – Camden Lock Market, St. Giles in the Field, Urban Food Fest (check twitter for up to date days and times)

First Visited – July 2014
Type of establishment – Market Stall
Serving – Street Food for lunch and dinner
Price – £
Level of Paleo – Primarily Paleo

Cue a gorgeous sunny day in London, showing two friends visiting from the States the highlights of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Camden Lock Market was always on the list of where to take them, for the huge variety of street food alone, and the ease in which four people who eat rather differently can all find something awesome in the same place. Not knowing what I was going to be able to eat, I stumbled completely by chance on Feed Me Primal, a primal/paleo food stall run by Gemma Callandar, serving handmade meatballs on a bed of the most delicious cauli-rice I’ve ever had, in a grain-free flat bread made from cassava, ground almonds and coconut milk, all for the ridiculously reasonable £7, which left me full for about 6 hours. Since then I’ve been back twice, making the well worth it tube ride on the Northern Line to Camden Town, to get some more of the most guilt-free meatballs in London! Since we visited, Feed Me Primal now features at Devonshire Square and St. Giles in the Field, and seems to be looking to expand quite quickly so I would imagine/cross my fingers hopefully that Gemma’s stall will be popping up in some more locations as the London summer fast approaches!


Handmade Burger Anyone?

Handmade Burger Co.

Location – UK wide including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Hull, Edinburgh and Glasgow

First visited – March 2015
Type of establishment – Restaurant
Serving – Lunch and Dinner
Price – ££
Level of Paleo – Gluten free/paleo sympathetic

When some friends of ours suggested Handmade Burger Co. for lunch in Birmingham, with our eating habits in mind, we figured we’d at least be able to get the option without the bun, and maybe add a grain-free friendly side or two to beef up the plate that would be sadly lacking. We were pleasantly surprised however, to find quite the extensive gluten free menu, with more than enough choices to create a sustaining lunch that wouldn’t leave us hungry straight afterward. With 20+ different burger options that can all be made gluten free (you have to specifically ask for it when you go up to order because the normal patties have gluten-containing Worcestershire sauce), and a ‘naked’ option without the bun (and they give you a side salad instead, which was an added bonus!) there’s bound to be something for everyone. As the name suggests, they are handmade to order, and their beef is 100% grass fed, something which I rarely find advertised in the UK. I opted for the bacon and avocado burger without mayo or relish to avoid unnecessary sugars, with sweet potato fries, and wasn’t disappointed with the generous serving size, which was more than sufficient. The only thing that won’t be paleo are the seed oils they probably cook with, which, depending on your sway, may be an acceptable compromise to be able to enjoy a casual, affordable meal with non grain-free friends.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT to be confused with Gourmet Burger Kitchen (or GBK) which also offers a gluten free menu and bun-less burgers, but unfortunately left me feeling what can only be described as drunk (light headed, brain fog, stomach ache, nauseous, and downright miserable for about 2 hours until I was suddenly starving again for some real food and nutrients!)

A Little Piece of Amsterdam

Little Amsterdam

Location – Banbury
First visited – February 2015
Type of establishment – Cafe/Deli
Serving – Breakfast, lunch, early dinner
Price – ££
Level of Paleo – Paleo Catered

My husband and I stumbled across this little gem of a pancake house somewhat accidentally whilst out walking through Banbury one Sunday morning. Opened in December, it was the first time we had been passed it, and as we tend to do, we stopped to check out all the things on the menu we couldn’t eat. Imagine our delight when we saw they cater to special diets, with grain-free pancakes using tapioca and almond flour! Needless to say, we had to try it! Sipping a Nespresso coffee and a Teapigs, we mulled over the vast array of sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, omelettes, soups, salads, extras, sides, and specials (meatballs!). We knew we had to try a grain free pancake though, so I opted for plain with raspberries, and my husband apple and bacon. The very friendly waiter politely asked if we were sure, as they could be a bit different to normal pancakes, but we said yes, we’re Paleo, so we won’t be surprised! The pancakes were very large, and quite thin which made them less dry than thicker almond flour pancakes, and were absolutely delicious. The owner, who just happens to follow Paleo, stopped by to chat to us, and assured us she could make most items on the menu to suit us, down to the all important oil used to cook with. And so we found our new favourite haunt. A dead cert for Sunday Breakfast, we’ll be sure to take anyone who comes to visit there for a look. Paleo or not, it’s a fantastic little place with the added bonus of grain-free choices, and is just waiting to be visited.