A Little Piece of Amsterdam

Little Amsterdam

Location – Banbury
First visited – February 2015
Type of establishment – Cafe/Deli
Serving – Breakfast, lunch, early dinner
Price – ££
Level of Paleo – Paleo Catered

My husband and I stumbled across this little gem of a pancake house somewhat accidentally whilst out walking through Banbury one Sunday morning. Opened in December, it was the first time we had been passed it, and as we tend to do, we stopped to check out all the things on the menu we couldn’t eat. Imagine our delight when we saw they cater to special diets, with grain-free pancakes using tapioca and almond flour! Needless to say, we had to try it! Sipping a Nespresso coffee and a Teapigs, we mulled over the vast array of sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, omelettes, soups, salads, extras, sides, and specials (meatballs!). We knew we had to try a grain free pancake though, so I opted for plain with raspberries, and my husband apple and bacon. The very friendly waiter politely asked if we were sure, as they could be a bit different to normal pancakes, but we said yes, we’re Paleo, so we won’t be surprised! The pancakes were very large, and quite thin which made them less dry than thicker almond flour pancakes, and were absolutely delicious. The owner, who just happens to follow Paleo, stopped by to chat to us, and assured us she could make most items on the menu to suit us, down to the all important oil used to cook with. And so we found our new favourite haunt. A dead cert for Sunday Breakfast, we’ll be sure to take anyone who comes to visit there for a look. Paleo or not, it’s a fantastic little place with the added bonus of grain-free choices, and is just waiting to be visited.


2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Amsterdam

  1. I am curious to know why they called their restaurant “Little Amsterdam”

    A pancake house is something typical Dutch. Did they come up with the idea after seeing it in Amsterdam?

    I live in Amsterdam, and know quite a few restaurants called pancake houses. The only thing, in Amsterdam they don’t make paleo versions. So you’re lucky to have one near you.


    1. Thanks for your comment! The owner herself is Dutch, which probably explains the reasoning behind the name 🙂 I consider myself very lucky to have it on my doorstep. The owner is Paleo too, which is an added bonus


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