Feed Your Inner Caveman

Feed Me Primal

Location – London – Camden Lock Market, St. Giles in the Field, Urban Food Fest (check twitter for up to date days and times)

First Visited – July 2014
Type of establishment – Market Stall
Serving – Street Food for lunch and dinner
Price – £
Level of Paleo – Primarily Paleo

Cue a gorgeous sunny day in London, showing two friends visiting from the States the highlights of one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Camden Lock Market was always on the list of where to take them, for the huge variety of street food alone, and the ease in which four people who eat rather differently can all find something awesome in the same place. Not knowing what I was going to be able to eat, I stumbled completely by chance on Feed Me Primal, a primal/paleo food stall run by Gemma Callandar, serving handmade meatballs on a bed of the most delicious cauli-rice I’ve ever had, in a grain-free flat bread made from cassava, ground almonds and coconut milk, all for the ridiculously reasonable £7, which left me full for about 6 hours. Since then I’ve been back twice, making the well worth it tube ride on the Northern Line to Camden Town, to get some more of the most guilt-free meatballs in London! Since we visited, Feed Me Primal now features at Devonshire Square and St. Giles in the Field, and seems to be looking to expand quite quickly so I would imagine/cross my fingers hopefully that Gemma’s stall will be popping up in some more locations as the London summer fast approaches!


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