Junk-free chorizo Unearthed

I don’t normally write posts about individual products, but I was so excited to hear about this, and then actually find it, I had to put it down in words. I can’t remember the exact source of where I first heard about this, even though it was only this week! I performed the obligatory google search, and was pleased to see their range stocked by Waitrose. At the first opportunity we drove 9 miles to our nearest, expecting them not to sell it due to it’s size. Imagine my joy when I found a fairly extensive range of Unearthed products. The beauty of their chorizo ring is that it contains only pork, salt, garlic and paprika, and their Jamón Ibérico only pork and salt. I did examine all of their products, and these were the only 2 to not contain sulphites, nitrates or other preservatives. But I’ll take that any day to find delicious, melt in the mouth cured meats that can be labelled somewhat Paleo/Primal. And to top it off they were on a 2 for £5 deal. Which, having bought more than my fair share of cured meats in the past, is a very good deal indeed.


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