Wheat-free at Heathrow



Location – Heathrow Terminal 3 (also Heathrow Terminal 2, and non-airport locations all over London)
Type of Establishment – Fast food outlet
Serving – Breakfast, lunch
Level of Paleo – Wheat-free, gluten-free
Price – £

Remember not that long ago when the combination of eating and air travel was a terrifying concept, and the only thing to do was to either load up on food before getting there, or compromising your food choices with less than perfect options? Well, while airline food is still miles off the mark for most of us, and nothing more than a packed lunch is the only possibility, (beware that they’ll confiscate jars of almond butter – I learned the hard way, spooning it into my mouth before they’d release my hand luggage) the airports have at least stepped up their game to cater for the food conscious traveller. Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 3 3.5 hours before our flight, and desperately seeking breakfast that wouldn’t see us consume our packed plane food before even boarding, we came across Leon. Although no stranger to this chain, we hadn’t been here for breakfast before, and as it was pre-11am, we had the choice of a poached egg pot or ‘magic’ porridge. Foregoing the latter, we chose the poached egg, gruyerre and ham hock pot with extra poached egg. For £2.95, you cannot grumble. Surely even the biggest advocate of the Egg McMuffin can’t turn their nose up at a pot of protein for under £3.


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