Grain-Free Grazing Goes Global

Disclaimer – Apologies for the poor quality photos

Hu Kitchen

Location – Manhattan, NYC
Type of Establishment – Deli/Cafe
Serving – Breakfast/Lunch/Everything in Between
Level of Paleo – Predominantly Paleo
Price – ££

So. We made it to NYC without a gluten attack from aeroplane food, or dying of hunger, due to careful snack planning. I used to look forward to holidays in America that were beer-centric. I was a huge beer fanatic, and the US blew the UK away in craft beer and micro-brew. Then psoriasis happened. And I grew up. Throughout the planning of this city hopping trip, food has been at the forefront, for where better to get Paleo products than the land of the free-range? And Hu Kitchen was top of the list from the get go. To say I was overwhelmed may be an understatement. From a liquid bar serving on tap kombucha and paleo banana bread and blueberry muffins to go, to pre-prepared sugar free, dairy free, wheat free treats, to breakfast burritos made from almond flour, and organic eggs on grain free Paleo bread, I did not want to leave. The prices are reasonable for meals, but kinda pricey for snacks, although keep in mind they are in dollars so it isn’t as expensive as it first seems when you look at the menu. A Paleo haven if ever there was one. Anyone who’s anyone, Paleo or not, should give this place a visit on a trip to NYC. However, tread with caution – you may not want to eat anywhere else!


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