Burgers that bare all


Location – NY, CT, NJ, PA, OH and coming soon to CA
Type of Establishment – Burger Restaurant
Serving – Lunch and Dinner
Level of Paleo – Paleo-catered
Price – ££

Spoiled by the choices of burger chains in the UK serving options adapted to Paleo, we were pleased to find BareBurger as a suitable stateside version. They pride themselves on serving free-range, pastured raised meats that are hormone, antibiotic and gluten free. A fantastic start. Add to that the choice of beef, chicken, duck, wild boar, bison and elk, and you’re onto a winner. With some careful selections and sensible omissions, this is the ideal place to eat with a group of people with differing requirements. Opt to construct your own burger, and you can choose your meat, add cheese if you want to, wrap it in a collard green, add veggies and spreads (all gf) and choose from a vast array of gluten free sides if you wish. They do have a disclaimer stating gluten free products may be fried in the same oil, but I have it on good authority from a New Yorker that depending on the individual location they may fry separately at their discretion. If in doubt, avoid the fried foods. This is easy to do due to the abundance of combinations, and the menu stating their organic products is a god-send for making informed choices. The addition of extras and sides obviously inflates the price, but again remember its dollars not pounds. I have a feeling we’ll be going again before we leave!

Update: We went again yesterday, to a different location in the Wall Street area, which was a much more casual affair, with no menus (you just chose from the wall and ordered at the counter) and there was additional items to add on compared to the other place. Seems like each location does its own thing, which is cool.


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