Happy Home = Happy Hogs


Home Farm Happy Hogs

Depending on where you live in the UK, there may be an abundance or a scarcity of farms and farm shops where you can purchase eggs, meat and other products that are of a better quality and genuinely taste more like real food. These places are not always grass fed, free range, organic, hormone free etc, so care is required when visiting as it may not be the better choice. They are also often quite a lot more expensive than the supermarkets. (Now, while the most hardcore bloggers in the Paleo community might advocate only the freshest, most organic, grass fed meat and veg should be consumed, those of us on average incomes know this isn’t always possible, and decisions should be made accordingly, dependent on what is available in your area/what your budget allows). We are lucky where we live in Oxfordshire to have quite a few places we are able to purchase these items from. One such establishment is Home Farm Happy Hogs. After correspondence with Jayne, we placed our order and at the beginning of June we received our half (40kg) a Berkshire pig. Said pig was raised outdoors, free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, and was butchered, boned and delivered to us for a total of £182. That’s £3.75/kg. We would, on average, buy pork twice a week from the supermarket, usually an outdoor bred pork belly, which means the animal spent at least half it’s life outdoors. Not bad for a grocery store, but it was most likely fattened up at a higher speed than nature intended in that second half. The price? £3.75/kg. So while there is argument that grass fed, organic, hormone and antibiotic free is more expensive, in this case it’s competitive. The taste was by far better, the quality amazing, and we still have some in our freezers almost 3 months later. It costs slightly more if you want bacon and sausages, but if you get a pork belly, you can make your own bacon in 10 days! Delivery is within a 20 mile radius only, but the fact that these places exist shows that the food movement is changing, and for us Paleo folk, that is great news!