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My husband Tyler and I at Christmastime
My husband Tyler and I at Christmas time

My grain-free journey has changed somewhat since it started in the wonderful summer of 2010, spent in Wells. Maine in the USA. Using The Primal Blueprint as a starting point, my husband and I embraced everything Primal, from eating lots of plants and animals, lifting heavy things, and sprinting once in a while, to enjoying 6 long weeks of Vitamin D fuelled days, basking in the New England sun. Largely experimental, we ditched the cereals as our friends stood aghast, and almost immediately felt better for it. My husband started eating meat again with a vengeance, and all of a sudden I wasn’t bloated all the time!

Cue almost 5 years later, after many, many falls off the wagon for me, where I would eat chocolate like I’d never seen it before, biscuits like I couldn’t help myself, or sweets when I knew I shouldn’t. The major problem was it never made me feel that ill afterward, so I wasn’t getting the wake up call I needed. Then in October 2014 I developed psoriasis. Still unsure of the cause (we were going through the stress of Visa applications; I’d had tonsillitis (strep throat); I was still having some gluten in beer) I immersed myself in The Paleo Approach by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, after discovering Psoriasis was an auto-immune disorder. I followed her auto-immune protocol, ditching dairy, eggs, coffee, seed-based spices, limited my fructose to 20g a day, all nightshades, alcohol, and ‘natural’ sugar substitutes, and, for the most part, non-organic fruit, veg and meat. My psoriasis cleared up, and slowly I reintroduced some of these items. I found out I can’t tolerate dairy in huge amounts (grass-fed butter and a little organic cream in pancakes is fine), coconut literally has me doubled over in pain (see my page on Co-Yo) and tomatoes just don’t sit well in my tummy.

I’m now on my longest stretch without a relapse, going on 4 months now, and although I still really crave sugar (and I mean REALLY crave it!) I am now educated in the risks of developing further auto-immune diseases, and, knowing far too many people to count suffering from one (my Mam has had MS for 48 years), I want to protect myself as much as I possibly can.

Those friends that laughed at us in 2010? 3 of them now follow a Primal lifestyle, and 1 his own version of the auto-immune protocol to combat Lime’s disease. The amount of people who could benefit from following this approach, is, in my opinion, endless, and I hope those who do see the enormous positives I and so many others have.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m here from MDA with a huge hug and much gratitude. Thanks for sharing your story and giving us Brits a practical resource. All the best. x


  2. Just found your blog after reading your story on MDA whilst nursing my 3rd or 4th cold since Christmas. Your story has just made me realise that I am in huge denial and that eating primal most days and having the occasional (weekly) bowl of pasta or Wahaca burrito oh and lots of wine (it’s always red through!) is NOT primal. When I was strictly primal I was 10lbs lighter and did not get ill, I lifted heavy and had a lovely life by the sea. Now, due to work I am in London but spent the first 14 months in an awful job whist selling a house in Bognor and buying in London AND living away from home, husband and cat. I began to eat badly and drink a little bit too much which led to card craving and more eating badly. Now I have a lovely flat a great job and my family with me I have NO excuse now. Thank you for making me wake up and for the news that there is spaghetti squash in the UK, I’m off to Picadilly world foods during my lunch hours now!


    1. Glad to have you 🙂 I think the best thing about eating clean is you are so much more in tune to your body, and know that when something doesn’t feel right it’s probably lifestyle related. Also, invest in a spiraliser for courgette noodles if you don’t want the hassle and cost of spaghetti squash. Peeled and spiralised courgette added to bolognese for the last ten minutes and no one will know its not pasta 😉


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