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Nakd bars are appearing in more and more locations, popping up at the checkout at Tesco, in the petrol station at Sainsbury’s, and their varieties are growing seemingly as much as their popularity. From Pecan Pie, Ginger Bread and Cashew Cookie, to Cocoa Orange, Rhubarb and Custard, Bakewell Tart, and the seasonal Christmas Pud, they are an easy to grab snack when you’re in a pinch. You have to be careful though. They have a range containing oats, which are a no go, and some with ‘crispies’ in which you’ll want to avoid. There are also some containing a ‘hint of natural flavouring’ which I always assumed was ok, given the overall nature of the bars, but since reading this article in The Guardian I’m a bit sceptical. Best Paleo choices are Pecan Pie and Ginger Bread, to avoid flavourings, raisins and cashews.



Primal Pantry bars FullSizeRender-415x408

Formerly The Primal Kitchen, The Primal Pantry have recently expanded their range to 5 bars to include Apple & Pecan and my new personal favourite, Hazelnut & Cocoa, which is more like a brownie where the others are more nut bar-esque. Low on sweetness, and only ever containing 4-6 ingredients, they have a date base, a different nut in each one, and a flavour to add another dimension. More dense and less sweet than Nakd bars, they are more sustaining and boost energy for longer. Currently available in Superdrug, some Tesco stores, and local health food stores, although I’m sure this list is not exhaustive. UPDATE: The ever expanding Primal Pantry are now available at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, where they regularly go on offer. Although pricey at £1.50 compared to Nakd bars or your non-paleo granola bars, they actually do fill you up in a pinch and give you the boost of energy you need. After an appearance at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival in the Cotswolds in August, they are becoming more mainstream which is fantastic for you and I.

Meridian Nut Butters

All butters

My go to favourite of these is almond butter, mostly because it can be found in most supermarkets next to the peanut butters, but the others are available elsewhere, just not as mainstream. Once you’ve gotten over the fact it isn’t supposed to taste like peanut butter, you’ll soon forget it doesn’t taste like peanut butter. A great source of energy to keep in your office drawer or the work fridge, you can grab a spoonful when you’re in a pinch, or spread it on banana or apple as a complimentary flavour. It also makes a great ingredient for a grain-free cake when mixed with canned pumpkin or similar. If you’re anything like me, just be careful not to eat the whole jar at once!


Imagine my delight when I found this dairy free alternative to yoghurt on a trip to WholeFoods Piccadilly last year. Co-Yo coconut milk yoghurt is exactly that – a yoghurt made from coconut milk and tapioca starch, and comes in natural, cocoa, vanilla, and fruit flavours made with a fruit puree with nothing else added. Deliciously tasting and filling, this is a great snack, breakfast or dessert, as long as you can tolerate coconut. I unfortunately realised I can’t, after a couple of tries, but if you can, you’ll love this!

Grain Free Granola

Grain-Free Granola by The Paleo Foods Company is not a recent discovery of mine, but it has started to emerge in the mainstream which makes in worthy of being added to this page. Currently £5.75 at Sainsbury’s its quite pricey, and if you cannot control yourself then steer clear as you may well find yourself consuming the entire box in a day. However, if you can maintain this urge, this is a fabulous choice for keeping at the office, or taking on holiday where you may not find many Paleo friendly snacks. Available in 3 flavours, (most Sainsbury’s and Waitrose only carry the two shown above), its great with milk, yoghurt, or just on its own. It won’t replace the home made stuff, but its fab for a quick go to energy boost.


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