Only the Darkest of Chocolate

IMG_2084    IMG_2046

Willie’s Cacao – Favourited due to only 3 ingredients (cocoa mass, cocoa butter and raw cane sugar), Willie’s Origin Chocolate squares are unique in taste, between and within varieties, and are available on Amazon, and occasionally in TK Maxx, as well as from his own website and Waitrose, Selfridges and Harvey Nichol’s. Then there’s the 8 varieties of 100% Cacao blocks, perfect for adding to grain-free desserts or making your own chocolates.

Green & Black’s 85%


Another great example of a high cocoa content chocolate, using organic cocoa beans, organic sugar and organic vanilla (and that’s it), there’s no lecithin (important when avoiding soy) and is wonderfully rich and bitter-sweet. I often find it difficult to not eat a whole bar, but this one is so dark and rich it’s quite easy to have a couple of squares then wrap it back up! Green & Black’s have a huge range, with some 60-70% varieties containing natural flavours only, but I’d warn against them as a nightly indulgence. Found pretty much everywhere that sells chocolate!


Lindt 90%


 I recently tried this for the first time, after shunning the 70% and 85% versions in favour of Green & Black’s 85%, due to the better quality of the latter, however I was pleasantly surprised at the flavour notes of this high cocoa content bar. Barely any sweetness involved, the flavour of vanilla comes through more compared to the lower cocoa content, simply due to the lower sugar content. The only downside is the possibility of traces of lecithin. Find it in all major supermarkets.





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